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Discussion in 'C-Bus Wiser 2 Controller' started by Graham Lamb, Jun 29, 2022.

  1. Graham Lamb

    Graham Lamb

    Aug 3, 2004
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    Sydney, Australia
    Hi All
    FYI only.
    When I updated Wiser firmware earler this month Amazon Alexa stoped working with cbus via Smart Voice so I swapped over to SHAC as interface for Smart Voice and all worked ok. I spoke with Smart Voice people and there is a problem with the API,s o_O being changed in Wiser and I dont think you can go back to older version of Wiser Firmware:confused:.
    Graham Lamb, Jun 29, 2022
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  2. Graham Lamb


    Aug 5, 2004
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    Hi Graham,

    Just got a reply from Smart Voice as I have a Wiser2 using Google Hubs.
    They said
    This is correct, the Wiser 2, current firmware has issues, with remote connections, and this does effect the Smart Voice connection on certain ports. This is currently being corrected by Clipsal in a new firmware release that is close to release. So at the moment suggest you stay with the current firmware on your Wiser 2 and you will have no issues.

    Hopefully the update is not too far away.

    martymonster, Jun 30, 2022
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