Wiser 2 app not available on the Germany app store

Discussion in 'C-Bus Wiser 2 Controller' started by hugert1, Jan 22, 2020.

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    Nov 20, 2015
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    cape town
    Hi , i have a client that has a holiday house in south africa and he lives in germany . problem is that he cannot get the wiser 2 app on his apple devices on his german subscription to the apple app store . there is other wiser apps for other controllers but not wiser2 . this is a problem as he would like to have access to the wiser from germany via the wiser app to turn geysers etc on or off from abroad as he does have guests sometimes visiting the house whilst he is still in germany and wouldnt want to have the guests install the wiser app on the guest s devices .

    i have tried logging out his account on his german ipad and logged in with my south africa account but the ipad still only picks up the german app store .

    please advise if the wiser app will be available on the german app store at some stage ?
    hugert1, Jan 22, 2020
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