schedules not consistently working on schedule plus perhaps

Discussion in 'C-Bus Toolkit and C-Gate Software' started by MylesFoster, Jul 8, 2020.

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    Jul 8, 2020
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    Hi there forum,

    My question is in regards to a rather large site we look after. it has a main computer which contains schedule plus. According to schedule plus the schedules and scenes are running as per expected on their end. the touchscreens throughout the networks have had there network date and time corrected and also re adjusted the correct date and time for the CNI's at each beginning of each network.

    one of the networks has issues with scenes not working i.e. the office area lights are due to turn on a 6am however when maintenance staff arrive the scene hasn't been executed and they have to manually use the push button switches to turn them on. then the blinds are due to roll down at 3pm to prevent glare and it doesn't happen either.

    We have shutdown toolkit, schedule plus and restarted it and it seemed to begin normal operations for a period of a week and then the schedules have been amiss ever since. We are going back tomorrow to begin diagnostic reliability testing to see if there is any potential issues with hardware but I'm not convinced its a hardware issue more a software glitch.

    does anyone out in the broader community have any additional insight into this issue or possibility of experienced it within any of their installs?

    the cbus networks as a whole have sufficient voltage and don't have huge amounts of units on their networks and commands can be sent across the bridges fine with push button switches and executing commands from a touchscreen even from another network, it seems to be schedule plus is having issues executing its scenes at the right time.

    thank you and hope to hear some helpful feedback

    MylesFoster, Jul 8, 2020
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