Return to main startup screen after no activity on the screen

Discussion in 'C-Bus Automation Controllers' started by impact, Jul 8, 2019.

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    Feb 10, 2008
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    I missed this functionality from my touch screen.... So disappointed that I could not do this with the SHAC....

    Well - thanks to the user saintjerome who posted this thread I have spent hours going through the forums where there are thousands of posts and a very helpful admin...

    Forum is at;

    And guess what I found a script written by the admins - that gives you the missing functionality to return you back to the first screen (startup screen) - and it works, and its so simple to implement....

    Copy this code;
    $(function() {
      // Back to Start after x seconds (in miliseconds)
      var SE_Timeout = 90000; // adjust this timer value if needed (90 seconds in miliseconds)
      var SE_Startpage = currentPlanId; // First page that is loaded
      var eventlist = 'vclick vmouseout click blur keypress keyup touchstart touchend touchcancel touchleave touchmove';
      // Timer function no usage detected
      function No_Usage_Detected(callback, timeout, _this) {
        var timer;
        return function(e) {
            var _that = this;
            if (timer)
            timer = setTimeout(function() { 
       || _that, e);
            }, timeout);
      // Back to start function when timer elapsed
        var SE_Goto_Startpage = No_Usage_Detected(function(e) {
        if ( currentPlanId != SE_Startpage ) {
      }, SE_Timeout);
      // Add event listener to document to detect user input
      .on(eventlist, function() {
      // Add event listener to all iframes to detect user input inside iframes
      $('iframe').load(function() {
        var iframe = $('iframe').contents().find('html');
        iframe.on(eventlist, function(event) {
    into the JavaScript editor - found in Scripting / Tools / Edit Custom Java Script
    Just simply Paste it - change the value near the start if you want longer than 90 seconds...

    And its done - give it a try... Works for me.

    What I have learned this week - the power of the SHAC is JavaScript, you can do absolutely anything - anything you can do in a web browser....

    BIG THANKYOU to saintjerome for the original post on finding VERY useful info...
    impact, Jul 8, 2019
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