New Toolkit Version 1.17.0 with new C-Gate 3.2.0 Released

Discussion in 'C-Bus Toolkit and C-Gate Software' started by Colin, Nov 5, 2023.

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    Aligned with the release of the new SpaceLogic C-Bus Commission Tools for the commissioning of the new C-Bus Digital Din Dimmers and C-Bus DALI 2 Gateway is the supporting version of Toolkit 1.17.0 with C-Gate 3.2.0

    It is advised that you read thoroughly the release notes for both Toolkit 1.17.0, C-Gate 3.2.0 and SpaceLogic C-Bus Commission V2.0.0 before proceeding to install these tools.

    The Ne software are Breaking changes which include a new C-Gate and new project formats, Please be sure you are aware of these changes and ready to support the upgrade across your business.

    Release Notes for Toolkit 1.17.0

    Release Notes for C-Gate 3.2.0

    Release Notes for SpaceLogic C-Bus Commission V2.0.0

    Please note that If you are not having to support the new C-Bus digital Dimmers or the new C-Bus 2 DALI Gateway then you may choose to stay with Toolkit 1.16.4 , but please note that projects for 1.17.0 can not be migrated backward or used by others with versions of toolkit < 1.17.0

    Link to Toolkit 1.17.0 for download. It is Strongly advised that you have read and understood the release notes before proceeding to install.
    Colin, Nov 5, 2023
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