Important Security Update available for Wiser MK II & SpaceLogic C-Bus Home Controllers

Discussion in 'C-Bus Wiser 2 Controller' started by Colin, Sep 2, 2022.

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    Important Security Update available for Wiser MK II & SpaceLogic C-Bus Home Controllers
    Dear C-Bus Community,

    An Important Security Update is available for Wiser MK II & SpaceLogic C-Bus Home Controller to address a published vulnerability in the product.

    Please see details under https://download.schneider-electric...ontroller-Wiser_MK2_Security_Notification.pdf

    Please update Wiser MK II & SpaceLogic C-Bus Home Controller to the latest firmware 1.32.35/2.00.24 to protect your customers from this vulnerability. To update, please download the latest PICED software (Version 4.14.1) from Schneider Electric Exchange Platform (see links below).

    Please be advised that notification of this security update availability shall be pushed to all users of the IOS Wiser 2 Mobile application version 3.6 and later on September 5, 2022, advising the User to have their device firmware updated.

    • You are required to change the default password for admin profile
    • You are strongly advised to ask your customers to set a unique password used only for this device.
    • Advise your customers, user account passwords should be updated regularly for the device.
    • Please read the release notes for more information
    If you or your customers choose not to apply the remediation provided to address the vulnerability, then it is advised to implement the mitigations defined in the Schneider Electric Security Notification in order to reduce risk of future exploitation.

    If you have questions, please reach out to Schneider Electric Customer Care teams.

    Links for download:

    Wiser 2 / C-Bus Home Controller
    (5200WHC2 and WHC2_5918)

    Download the Firmware Release Notes : C-Bus Home Controller Firmware Release Notes

    (Programming Interface for C-Bus Embedded Devices)

    Download the Software and Release Notes :

    Release Notes Embedded Devices Release Notes V.

    PICED Software Interface for C-Bus Embedded Devices

    Software and Release note will require registration for the exchange if you have not previously registered please complete a new registration, after you have completed your profile and verified your account details. the above links for release notes and software should be available without requiring any community registration. If you have trouble Please try the links a second time after login into your account.
    Colin, Sep 2, 2022
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