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Discussion in 'C-Bus Toolkit and C-Gate Software' started by Wonkey, Mar 27, 2020.

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    This little bit of info may save you a bit of time.
    Recently I used a General Input unit to measure the voltage of my motorbikes,
    I set the GIU up to measure 0-20 volts and configured an eDLT to show this info.
    Much to my surprise the eDLT was displaying about 170v, after thinking about this I realised that the eDLT was in fact simply showing the C-Bus level with a v after it.
    Now this is not a lot of use to quickly decide if the battery voltage is OK, so I considered writing some logic to convert the level so it would accurately represent the voltage on the eDLT. Painful and in my humble opinion should have been taken care by the GIU, same as temp sensor outputs its temperature in degrees C.
    As I was running the maths in my head as to what I needed to multiple the level by, in this case 0.07843 (20v divided by 255 levels 20/255=0.07843) I realised that the eDLT has a multiplier field on the measurement widget, dropping this value in the field and saving it resulted in the desired voltage reading, also confirmed with my multimeter.
    A lot easier than writing logic but easily missed as it was by me.
    Wonkey, Mar 27, 2020
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