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Discussion in 'C-Bus Toolkit and C-Gate Software' started by DunbarAutomation, Jul 19, 2022.

  1. DunbarAutomation


    Jul 11, 2022
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    Hey there, have a customer who is in need of a 8 channel dimmer replaced. She has requested the network file from the previous tech, however he has given it to her in a .cgl file. I’m unsure if I can use this to transfer existing program onto new dimmer or if I need the .cbz file. Thanks
    DunbarAutomation, Jul 19, 2022
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  2. DunbarAutomation

    Graham Lamb

    Aug 3, 2004
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    In toolkit under File select restore then go to where you have saved the .cbz file and that will import that project into toolkit. I would scan the network first to create a project as it is now then back it up as there may have been some changes made between when the cbz file was created and now.
    Graham Lamb, Jul 20, 2022
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  3. DunbarAutomation


    Dec 1, 2005
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    Adelaide, Australia
    A .cbz file is a zipped .xml tag file which has everything
    A .cgl file is a json file containing tag names only.

    A .cbz file can be directly imported (as above), but you can do it with a .cgl file with a bit of work.

    1. Open toolkit and select Find Cbus Networks. Select the interface type and SCAN for interfaces. You'll probably only get the one. Select it and click Open Project. Then Create New Project. This will then scan the network and give you all the units but no tag names. Copy everything to the database.
    2. Now select the project in the left column and click on Import CGL in the toolbar above the right column. Select your file and import it. This will give you all the tag names. It will ask you to save a backup .cbz file (it will also create the main .xml file)
    3. Install the new dimmer. Make sure it is address 255. Select the old dimmer in the database and click on Reinstall in the top toolbar (it's on the far right if it's hidden). This will copy all the old programming to the new unit.

    I think that's all correct. Been a while since I did it :)

    Note that you can do a reinstall without the tag names.
    Ashley, Jul 20, 2022
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