Can't Connect to C-Bus via CNI-2 But No Problems with PCI...

Discussion in 'C-Bus Toolkit and C-Gate Software' started by intelectsol, Mar 7, 2019.

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    This problem is occurring on a new HP PROBOOK Laptop with 8th Gen i7 processor... It is not occurring on my 7 year old ASUS X750J...
    Nor is the problem occurring when I connect via either the PROBOOK or ASUS using my PC Interface...

    When running Diagnostic Utility via the CNI Config partially loads the Network Data and eventually hangs and displays a "Range Check Error".
    If I attempt the run Toolkit the machine gets part way into to the Network load which freezes and eventually displays "Error - Failed to Scan Unit" - Meaning CNI.

    Windows Event Viewer - System Log is displaying Distributed COM (DCOM) Error 10016.
    According to Tom's Hardware < > (and other Forums) there are 4 keys that when deleted from < HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Ole > supposedly fix the problem.

    Deleting the Keys makes no difference - further research indicates that these keys carry through their setting from previous versions of Windows.
    Windows 10 on the affected PC is a clean install.

    I have run both C-Bus & C-Gate both in compatibility mode all the way down to Windows XP and still can't get Toolkit to run...

    The network hang has nothing to do with Virus and/or Malware Protection Software, I have de-installed both and no difference following reboot...

    I have spoken with CIS (Schneider) Help Desk who are suggesting that there is a setting in the PROBOOK that is affecting the connectivity... Great, Thanks for that!...

    I have wasted far to much time with this problem, it's a good thing I can use my C-Bus system as the Guinea Pig...

    Does anyone have experience with this or similar issues.
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    intelectsol, Mar 7, 2019
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