Phone Home (connecting to a CBTI)

Phone Home (connecting to a CBTI)

  1. daniel

    • C-Bus Toolkit 1.1.4 or later
    • Dial-Up Modem
    • CBTI (C-Bus Telephone Interface)


    One new feature we snuck into Toolkit v1.1.4 was the ability to dial into a CBTI on a remote network. Once you have connected to the CBTI, the network appears in Toolkit and can be scanned and configured exactly as though you were directly plugged into a PCI on that network.


    Select a Project in the Project Manager, and use the "Add Network" button to create a new network. Enter a name for your network and choose the "CBTI" Type.

    You'll then be prompted to select the COM port for your modem and enter the Phone Number, User ID and Pass Code for the CBTI you are calling.

    An example screenshot is shown below. (Note : the layout may change slightly in versions after 1.1.4)


    Click OK to save your new network.


    First of all, make sure that your modem is connected to the COM port on your computer that you specified in the configuration, that you have all the necessary drivers installed for it, and that it is powered on.

    Connection to the CBTI is simple. Just browse to the CBTI Network in your Project Manager and click the "Open Network" button. It will take a little while as it goes through the dialing and authentication process.

    Hopefully you will be rewarded with an Open Network. You can then browse to the Units node to begin Scanning and working with the Network.

    Remember to Close the Network to disconnect the modem connection when you are finished. Good luck!