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Discussion in 'Energy Management' started by kialeigh, Oct 7, 2021.

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    Oct 7, 2021
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    Hi Everyone
    First post.
    Would anyone have or know where to find the firmware etc upgrade to the original Wiser Link products
    Namely the EER71000 EM5 kit and the EER70600 MIP.
    I understand that there was an upgrade for solar named -
    Wiser Link New Release 28.03.2017
    Application version: 2.7.2
    Product FW version: - MIP 1.1.1 - EM5 1.1.04

    Not sure if this file contains the necessary firmware data, but i understand this was available in 2016 and called
    Wiser Link Firmware V1.1.04 October 2016.zip
    I hve searched for days but Clipsal have removed all trace of these files and any support for this product.
    I do understand that this product is no longer available, but i believe it,s End-of-Service is not until the end of the year.
    Companies should have the obligation to provide support for Legacy products and not FORCE people to upgrade to newer product because support is not available.
    An example is AMX from America. In the past they had full support for their products no matter how old they were.
    Since being taken over by Harmon Kardon, one day after a product is out of support all files and reference are deleted from the website. And some of these products are only a few years old and cost $20k plus each , so they force institutions to spend vast somes of money to upgrade.
    Anyway enough of the rant. I fi can't upgrade I will Not be upgrading to Clipsal's newer product. In the bin it will go.
    So if any kind person out there has these files i would love to hear from them ----PLEASE
    Cheers Alan
    kialeigh, Oct 7, 2021
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