Using the SHAC and Scenes in a 5082NL (Saturn Series)

Discussion in 'C-Bus Automation Controllers' started by integrata, Jan 5, 2021.

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    Hi all. I am currently migrating an existing CBUS system to a 5500 SHAC. The experience has basically been ok, I did the course beforehand and picked up on some peculiarities so not too many surprises. However, I have issues with schedules particularly doing it now from the SHAC. Previously I did the scheduling of external lighting in the CTS. I also have 2 x 2 button Saturn Key Input units which I was using as Panic Lights ON and Panic Lights OFF. They basically triggered 2 x scenes that turned on all External (and select internal) lights in the event that may be required in a security breach situation. I also went and deleted the existing schedules in the CTS in case there is a clash or a hierarchy issue.

    This has worked seamlessly for 10 years, now since I added the new schedules, trigger groups etc in the SHAC the following happens.

    :: Scene is triggered and works ON and OFF via time schedule from SHAC.
    :: I cannot turn the scene (or any associated lighting groups) OFF from anywhere else apart from the SHAC
    :: I press the key inputs (or the buttons on the touch screens) but the lighting groups wont turn off.
    :: The LED indicators work toggle on and off on the buttons on the touch screens but do not change the state of the groups.

    I am pretty sure the Action Selectors and trigger groups are fine but I have also read some other threads referencing issues with remote triggering of groups between SHAC and DLT's.

    Anybody else had a similar issue?

    Thanks in advance.

    integrata, Jan 5, 2021
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