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    People reading this forum should be aware that Clipsal will only support their own interface hardware attached to C-Bus.

    Interface Hardware is defined as devices that directly connect to the physical C-Bus wiring. Devices that connnect via a PCI or CNI are not considered interface hardware and therefore not the subject of this announcement.

    Clipsal encourage other equipment developers to join the C-Bus Enabled program. Members of this program gain access to:

    • the full set of C-Bus protocol documents
    • C-Bus interface hardware for incorporation into their own equipment; and
    • a verification service to test and certify that the equipment meets C-Bus interface requirements.

    Clipsal will provide limited support for equipment that has been through the C-Bus Enabled certification process.

    Certified equipment is entitled to use the C-Bus Enabled logo.

    More information can be found at

    • The use of non-Clipsal C-Bus interface hardware violates Clipsal patent rights.
    • The use of non-Clipsal C-Bus interface hardware voids the warranty of ALL Clipsal devices attached to a network.
    • The use of non-Clipsal C-Bus interface hardware may compromise electrical safety standards
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    ashleigh, Oct 25, 2004
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