Upgrading from Wiser 1 box to 5500NAC2

Discussion in 'C-Bus Automation Controllers' started by Michaelsimp, Jun 6, 2024.

  1. Michaelsimp


    Sep 24, 2017
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    I have a Wiser 1 systems controlling my CBUS home network.
    I have the Toolkit and PICED software and the database for my home and I am reasonably familiar with how it works.
    I recently upgraded to the latest Toolkit and PICED and imported my old database, and everything is working fine.

    However the Wiser 1 box needs Flash for browser, so I was running a projector on my PCs as I can no longer use a browser. But the latest PCIED no longer seems to support a projector (Why?). Also my new iPhones can't connect to the Wiser 1 any more using the original Wiser App which is no longer on the Appstore.

    So I need to upgrade my Wiser 1 box with a 5500NAC2.
    My supplier can supply the unit but has no-one capable of installing and commissioning it.
    I am pretty IT capable and feel I should be able to do this myself if someone point me to a guide on the process of how to go about this. I am not even sure if the 5500NAC2 uses Toolkit and PICED.

    A steer from someone would be much appreciated.
    Michaelsimp, Jun 6, 2024
  2. Michaelsimp


    Aug 3, 2004
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    I think you will find the latest app supports both wiser 1 and 2 at least it does for the android version.
    The 5500NAC2 is a completely different beast and it is programmed via a browser served up from the unit itself. Hence PICED is not used.
    The downside of this is you cannot have a go at programming it without purchasing one.
    Logic within the unit is LUA instead of PASCAL, expect a large learning curve, it very capable but not as easy as to program as a Wiser.
    Consider the Wiser 2 (now known as SpaceLogic C-Bus Home Controller 5200HC2) if you really need to view on a browser Note that the latest version does not have wifi hence needs an ethernet cable to it
    Wonkey, Jun 6, 2024
  3. Michaelsimp


    May 19, 2022
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    We'd be happy to help out if you need. We are based in Sydney but can offer remote help.
    Feel free to send us an email to discuss - [email protected]

    You'll use your Toolkit file by importing the Toolkit CGL file into the SHAC web editor and then assigning all those objects onto buttons on your pages. For C-Bus upgrades I usually have the PICED file open on my computer to cross-reference but no you won't use PICED directly anymore.

    We have a graphics package on our online store which acts as a template to create your own app design with the SHAC/NAC and features a helpful user manual. You can check it out here... https://ryelec.com.au/product/zenith-starter/

    Good luck :)
    RyelecAutomation, Jun 11, 2024 at 6:43 AM
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