Strange behaviour on certain devices....

Discussion in 'Push Controls' started by Ambro, May 21, 2022.

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    Nov 23, 2010
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    Hi all,

    I have an old PUSH setup at home and all is working as expected except for some reason two iPhones are not responding to the app interface as they should.

    There is no response at all when trying to control a Foxtel box. AppleTV box works when navigating but the 'enter button' doesn't work. All macros work to switch inputs on the tv however. Foxtel and AppleTV are controlled by IR whilst the input swapping is fine.

    The weird thing is it is the same app version and downloaded config file as used on 3 other iPhones which work perfectly - 2 phones of different models don't work as detailed above.

    I know this system is longer longer supported but so far it's been working well with just one phone not working, however the new girlfriends phone doesn't work which means I now have to find a fix!!!

    if anybody has any idea why this works on some devices and not others I'd be grateful (and curious) to know why
    Ambro, May 21, 2022
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