SpaceLogic C-Bus Network Automation and Application Controller Firmware Release 1.12.0

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    New firmware (V1.12.0) update for C-Bus Controllers | 5500NAC2, 5500AC2, 5500NAC, 5500SHAC, LSS5500NAC, LSS5500SHAC

    Dear C-Bus Community,

    We are pleased to share that the new firmware (version 1.12.0) for C-Bus Controllers is available for download on and in Exchange platforms.

    The latest version (V1.12.0) firmware files are available for 5500NAC2, 5500AC2, 5500NAC, 5500SHAC, LSS5500NAC, LSS5500SHAC.

    Related documents can be downloaded along with the firmware file:
    • Release Notes for V1.12.0
    • User Manual update for firmware V1.12.0
    The key features of this new firmware release (V1.12.0) are:
    • Rest API support to CRUD operations for all C-Bus Tag Map and Controller Objects
    • Rest API Support to read and set values for Controller objects.
    • new error helper functions for the C-Bus Error application (Error Application had a significant update in 1.11.0 Firmware)
    • Provision to create labels/tags for zones for zone-related parameters (e.g., Zone State, Zone Isolated, Zone Name) while creating objects for Security Application.
    • Provision to add and update/edit labels for zones in the tag map tab for Security Applications
    Firmware and related release notes and documents can be Downloaded from the Schneider Electric Exchange

    Further Details on this and other SpaceLogic C-Bus product updates can be found on the Schneider Electric SpaceLogic C-Bus Forums.

    Please note: As of the time of this post the C-Bus Community Exhange and Forums requires registration for the downloading and access to product release notes, firmware and other assets, However Approval as a registered ecoexpert is no longer required meaning that public access is now available to registered users. The links to these locations is provided above.

    How to download the firmware files from (global page)?

    First, you need to find the product page!

    1. Type in the commercial reference in the search bar, and once the product you are looking for pop-up, click on the product bar.

    2. Specifications > Documents, and reach the Software and Firmware section at the bottom." style="box-sizing: border-box;">Once on the product page, scroll down, pass Main Documents > Specifications > Documents, and reach the Software and Firmware section at the bottom.


    3. Select “Firmware” for the latest version in the Document type section, or if you are looking for previous firmware files, you can see them under “Firmware – History and others”.

    4. You can download the firmware, release notes, and user manual separately OR as a whole in zip format.

    Regards the C-Bus Team
    Colin, Nov 2, 2022
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