SHAC Scene Control - Indicator Kill - (-1) and 2 Relays to operate 3 Speed Fan

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ron Arends, Jun 17, 2019.

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    Apr 4, 2018
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    Hi all,

    I have recently purchased the new SHAC to replace my colour touch screen which died after 10 years so not bad.
    Well, programming the SHAC wasn't to bad; however, a few points:
    a. Initial setup of my relays was as follows for a 3 speed fan:
    Relay 1 = Low
    Relay 2 = Medium and
    Both controls together, fan speed = High,
    In order to control the fan speeds, eDLT or DLT, press both buttons together, To control with SHAC, create a scene with Tag Mag for Trigger Control and under Scenes.
    Tag Map:
    A = Trigger Control 202
    G = Room etc,
    L = 0 for off,
    Low = 1 for low,
    Medium = 2 for Medium
    High = 3 for high.

    Set scenes with scene tab and utilise this action selectors that you created above.
    So overall, works well. No need to purchase the fan relay or place into three relays. Interesting that the was created by my programer 10 years ago.
    Some issues that I have noted when controlling Scenes and I feel that this may relate to trigger groups. so help would be great:
    How do I stop the indicator kill? It doesn't affect the operations; however it does affect the icons for fans on / off on the home screen display. Does anyone have an idea?
    Ron Arends, Jun 17, 2019
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