SHAC error 22918

Discussion in 'C-Bus Automation Controllers' started by shacboi, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. shacboi


    Jul 28, 2022
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    Hi guys,

    So I've had a SHAC installed for a while now, and I've recently wanted to set up Homebridge on a Pi. So during the whole process I get to the point where I need to connect to the SHAC, but that's where I get the error 22918: PCI failed to reset - Unable to open network.

    I've tried connecting through LAN and through the USB interface but I still get the same error. I can access the web interface of the SHAC normally and do anything I want to there, but attempting to connect to port 10001 with the Pi or C-Bus Toolkit both give me that same error. Note that if I disable the CNI I get a different error (the same error you would get when connecting to any closed port).

    I've read a bunch of threads and there isn't much information out there really so I'm not sure what the issue could be especially considering I don't have much experience with C-Bus.

    Any ideas?
    shacboi, Jul 28, 2022
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  2. shacboi

    Pie Boy

    Nov 21, 2012
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    New Zealand
    A few things to consider,

    What hardware version and firmware are you running on the shac?

    In the first firmware, the Cni didn’t function like the old din rail cbus cni

    I have experienced the below when connecting with toolkit

    Old firmware - use connection type Automation controller

    New firmware - use connection type CNI

    then I had no issues connecting to toolkit,

    I wouldn’t recommend using the cni on the shac for raspi/homebridge - not that you can’t but due to the configuration of it I wouldn’t, just my opinion, dose anyone else use the shac cni for this?

    I would be looking to get an older rs232 pci or a din rail cbus2 CNI
    Pie Boy, Jul 29, 2022
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