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Discussion in 'C-Bus Automation Controllers' started by MadMal, Mar 19, 2024.

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    Hi brains trust,

    I am having a problem getting scene buttons working the way I want .. not sure if it is a v1.15 thing or developer error!

    I am trying to put a few scene buttons on a page - simple bit.

    Scene buttons are set to trigger groups, trigger groups have scenes set - all in the SHAC.

    Buttons are set to pre-set values of 255, with all settings in line.

    Everything works as it should .. press the scene button, the button shows the "on" image, and the scene is set properly.

    Adjust some of the group address values, the indicator kill value is set on the trigger group and the scene button responds to indicate the scene is no longer set.

    However, if another scene is set with a separate scene trigger button .. everything with that button works ok and group address values are set (and all updated as expected) .. BUT the first trigger group does not get the indicator kill event!

    If you go and adjust a group address - eventually both trigger groups will get the correct indicator kill event ..

    Hope that makes sense ..

    More specifically:
    - I have 2x scene buttons - lets call them "Party" and "All off"
    - both buttons work perfectly by themselves .. EG I set the Party scene, all group addresses are set the way I want and if I change any of them, the Party scene button (trigger group) gets the indicator kill.
    - If I set the Party scene and then the All Off scene .. all GAs are set to the correct value and then all to zero .. correct.
    - However, both scenes appear to still be set (both trigger groups at value 255).

    If I turn a group address on then the All Off trigger group gets an indicator kill
    If that GA is in the Party scene and then it is turned off, that trigger group gets the indicator kill

    Is it me? Is there a new setting in 1.15 I am missing?


    MadMal, Mar 19, 2024
  2. MadMal


    Dec 1, 2005
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    Adelaide, Australia
    Every scene on the same trigger group (i.e. using a different action selector) are mutually exclusive, so triggering one will cancel the indicator on the others.
    Scenes on different trigger groups are unrelated and work independantly so will not affect each other. Indicator kill commands work on a specific trigger group.
    Ashley, Mar 20, 2024
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