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Discussion in 'Third-Party Solutions' started by daniel, Dec 10, 2013.

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    This sub-forum is provided to provide a place for C-Bus Enabled partners, integrators, installers and users to announce and discuss third-party solutions that contribute to the C-Bus ecosystem.

    Announcements should:
    • Be no more than once a month.
    • Contain new and useful information (no repetition).
    • Be specific to the C-Bus integration. A short list of the product's other features is okay.
    • Contain no more than three off-site links.
    • Your linked site should mention C-Bus. Describing a generic API may not be sufficient.

    Questions and discussion should:
    • Be posted within the recent announcement thread for that product if there is one.
    • Be specific to the C-Bus integration. To discuss the product's other features please use that product's own support channel.

    The moderators reserve the right to delete posts. These rules may change as necessary in order to establish a forum that suits the community.
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    daniel, Dec 10, 2013
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