RPI integration with only CTC units

Discussion in 'Third-Party Solutions' started by Shubba, Aug 15, 2022.

  1. Shubba


    May 26, 2019
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    Hi all,

    I've just moved to a new house and they have C-Bus..... however the good news is that I've just come from my previous house that had C-Bus where I managed to get the C-Bus network enabled on a Raspberry PI via the whole Raspian/Homebridge/C-Gate/Project XML files setup as outlined by 'greiginsydney' (https://github.com/greiginsydney/Homebridge-cbus-installer/blob/master/SETUP.md) so I have better background then most.

    That house used a PCI-5500 which had a 18-pin connector and I utilised a 18pin <-> USB connector to the RPI and therefore had an IP address for my C-Bus network. I then was running HomeKit on an iPad (which also had Google Home on it - I'm from an Android family), as well as though Google Home on our Android devices, and was able to control lights/fans throughout the house. Even added a Merlin garage opener, Shelly 1L gate release and Ring Doorbell into the mix to "smartify" the home a bit more.

    However the new house I have moved into appears to only have the Colour touch (CTC) units and I can't see that it has any other integration option.I've used PICED software from my PC through the same home network (not connected via a direct cable to the CTC unit) and I can see these units on the home network and can identify their corresponding IP addresses. I'm just not sure how I get the same scenario as I was doing a lot of the work through C-BUS ToolKit, and I can't see these devices through toolkit - maybe I don't have the port addresses correct? All three CTC panels (jeez they look dated compared to the iPad I was using..... sorry Clipsal enthusiasts) appear to have the same project files/images etc so one XML project file should be sufficient to reach all units on the C-Bus network

    I guess what I am trying to work out is how best to get the similar Homebridge option up and running if I go and purchase another Raspberry PI to dedicate to this and install C-Gate on to it.

    How do I have a connection to my home network to provide an IP address (or is this even required if I "tap in" to one of the existing IP address the CTC units are running? Can I plus RPI straight into the Home modem and as this is therefore "connected" via the home network, connected to the C-Bus network via one of the CTC IP addresses.

    Hope that makes sense...... Any help, greatly appreciated.
    Shubba, Aug 15, 2022
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  2. Shubba


    Aug 3, 2004
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    The IP address of the CTC cannot be used to scan and access the C-Bus network.
    To achieve what you want you will need either a CNI, SHAC, NAC or Wiser2.
    Wonkey, Aug 15, 2022
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