Repairs to Din relay Units

Discussion in 'C-Bus Wired Hardware' started by MattB, Oct 27, 2019.

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    Aug 9, 2004
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    HI All
    Has anyone had success having units repaired or done it themselves?
    I have several relay units (L5512RVF & L5508RVF) that are not functioning correctly. All still toggle loads on the units but network is intermittent at best, non operational at worst.
    Units will connect to Toolbox when no 240V is supplied but when powered will not talk. I can reprogram them fine when talking to toolbox.
    Have a couple of other relays that have no internal cbus psu and all work fine. All key inputs work ok when defective relays are disconnected. Have replaced the broken relays now and all is working OK.
    I believe that the issues were caused by lightning storm in the area. Was no direct hits on 240v as nothing else was damaged and have surge protection across 240v supply. There is several buildings connected by underground cat5 for the cbus network and I am thinking that it was induced voltage into this that has caused issues. I have since reconfigured and all buildings are separated by network bridges with only a 5500PS on the side of the network that is external to buildings. Have also put some surge protection over the cat5.
    So my question is are the defective units repairable? Issue seems to be in the connection from internal PSU to the Network. I have 5 units all the same so if something can be done at reasonable cost I would be keen to try. Was told Clipsal won't repair and just replace (which I have but if fixed these could be used elsewhere)
    Any experience shared would be appreciated
    MattB, Oct 27, 2019
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