PUSH not on network and other question

Discussion in 'Push Controls' started by Hoppo, Jun 24, 2021.

  1. Hoppo


    Jun 24, 2021
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    Hi All,

    First time poster so apologies if already covered elsewhere. I have had PUSH working well, albeit probably asking it to do more than it is intended for (but thats a long story). It has been working fine but suddenly I have lost it off the network, I have tried resetting the box but with no help, does anyone have any advice regarding this?
    Also on a side note, I am using PUSH to control a few things in a theatre room (Projector, AV Receiver, STB, Apple TV), is there any way to integrate this with Google Home to start everything via voice commands?
    Thanks in advance for any help
    Hoppo, Jun 24, 2021
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