Problem with Cbus-Crestron Integration

Discussion in 'Third-Party Solutions' started by VOLT AGE, May 11, 2019.



    May 11, 2019
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    I have been controlling Cbus ( through 5500PC) with Crestron processors ( mostly with a particular Model i.e MC3) at many projects.

    At a recent project we have used Crestron CP3 and the integration was done.

    We are facing an unusual problem at this site.

    The communication between Cbus and Crestron randomly breaks.

    This restarts once the Crestron program is dumped into the processor again and rebooted.

    We have replaced the Crestron processor and 5500 PC with a new one.

    But this keeps on happening and this is very random.

    Sometimes the system works fine for a month and sometimes we face a problem in a couple of days.

    We have checked our program and got it checked with the Crestron tech support as well but no solution/mistake was found in the program.

    The processor is placed just next to the PC interface.

    Please suggest what could be the problem.
    VOLT AGE, May 11, 2019
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