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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ashleigh, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Finally, Clipsal are pleased to announce that the "C-Bus Module" source code is available for free, completely open, public release.

    This is the code that, in compiled form, is used to make the Windows driver DLL that you can download off the web site.

    This code is also used, unmodified, in many clipsal products.

    This code gives you:

    - An interface to the PCI OR SIM

    - An event driven model where you don't need to worry about making and receiving/picking apart the strings that go to and from the PCI or SIM

    - Depending on how its used - a lighting "database" which can store the levels of groups for you (so you can interrogate the level on a group any time w/o the need to emit things into the bus)

    - Device discovery

    - Support for all the common applications: lighting, security, enable control, trigger control, measurement, telephony, time, and a couple of new things coming.

    - Platform independent - written to run on many processors with many C compilers (at last count some 12 ports have been done - everything from Windows, Linux down to small embedded micros with 16 K flash and 2K RAM).

    - Easy to port to new processors

    This software is released in the hope that users will find it helpful, and contribute to its further development.

    The software also has ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT from Clipsal - who will however gratefully receive back and consider updates - such is the nature of open source.

    The code is released under the BOOST LICENSE, meaning it is NOT GPL or LGPL. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION as a consequence of using it to make your own software open source as well. The license terms are fully disclosed as part of the download.

    You can find this software here:

    As above. There is NO SUPPORT. You can post questions here, they may or may not be answered. Do not call Clipsal Technical Support (they will have no idea what you are on about).

    There are extensive documents provided as well, including the interface definition (which is not guaranteed to be up to date) - which describes the general method used, the MANDATORY functions to call, the timer intervals needed, etc.

    Please read this documentation before asking questions.
    ashleigh, Dec 14, 2009
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