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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by redstorm, Sep 11, 2021.

  1. redstorm


    Aug 16, 2021
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    Looking to automate a fair amount.

    I have come up with 8 dimmable lighting circuits upstairs and 8 on the ground floor with 22 lights that are concidered either on or off. Using universal 4 channel dimmers as I hear that the Leading edge ones are not compatabile with very many LEDs or cause issues.
    The other relays are for bathroom fans, 2 undertile heating in bathrooms, 4 x heated towel rails, the 22 lights and 4 smart sockets 2 in the kitchen and 2 in the office.
    Using CBus ocupancy sensors in bathroom, stairs, etc..

    I was thinking of using the CBus temperature sensors but they look to me to just be DS18B20's with a 5000% markup at $50.83. So for the Underfloor downstairs i have 8 DS18B20 that will be set into the concret (im not going to even bother with a conduit as it will cost more than the sensor). They are only a $1 each from Ali and i have been using them for years being very reliable. ESP32 with Tasmota into MQTT then into the 5500SHAC subscribed to the temperature topic and define these as user variables in the controller. Publish the floor temps onto the eDLT light switches in each location.

    Temps also used for HVAC and zone heating control? Is the SHAC any good at controlling hydronic underfloor heating? or would it be better to go with a dedicated controller that i could integrate with in Home Assistant.

    For automating the bathroom fans i saw someone had placed a temperature sensor on the hotwater for the shower, so planning to do simmilar with aditional DS18B20's and as above into the SHAC then the logic to turn the extrator on till the temp starts dropping on the sensor.

    Doors via an Inner Range Concept Access controller, with the smoke detectors relay output to unlock the doors and turn on the lights if they detect smoke. Have the eDLT switch configured with unlock door as the Concept controller has a nice open API to utilise either from Home Assistant or im sure a LUA script on the SHAC would be able to do this also.

    Doors using electronic locks with door sensing for open / closed. and like wise using reed switches on all the windows for open closed status for the dashboard.

    Garage doors will be custom Tasmota controlled as will also do sensing if vechicles are present This is magnitude cheaper than using a CBus relay to trigger the doors. Use the eDLT switchs to also have open / close garage door configured.

    I have CCTV and facial recognition and ALPR already setup and will migrate this to the new house and cameras. Using Home assistant and nodered for my existing automations.

    Blinds and Drapes are via Acmedas Pulse 2 Hub, Integration with Home Assistant so MQTT and into the SHAC and have the eDLT switchs configured to open and close the blinds and drapes.

    HVAC is where i start to get hazy as the SHAC can talk modbus so this would tend to suggest you wont need to have controllers for the different HVAC systems, Hot Water heatpump, Underfloor, and AC for summer.

    Solar and Tesla battery going in also, These talk Modbus over RS485 so should not be an issue.

    I have about 1.2km of Cat6a planned. Im running eithernet everywhere so i have the option of building a custom edge controller if their is something in the future i want to automate / monitor.

    Audio 7.1 is being provisioned for in the lounges and BBQ gets stereo only Zone output on the Amp.

    Front gate is allready automated with person / Car detection

    redstorm, Sep 11, 2021
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  2. redstorm


    Apr 26, 2016
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    I’m using an Izone controller with a ducted Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner - each room is zoned with its own temp sensor - which can be integrated into the shac
    Shiney2512, Sep 11, 2021
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