Need help/advice on using NAC to communicate and control Fujitsu A/C's using BACnet

Discussion in 'C-Bus Automation Controllers' started by Lliam, Sep 15, 2020.

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    Nov 15, 2015
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    Hi to all the CBUS/NAC gurus

    Need help getting my head around what i need to do and what hardware is required to get a NAC talking to multiple Fujitsu A/C Units using BACnet.The area of BMS and BACnet is fairly foreign to me so my knowledge is limited.

    I have a number of apartments all with CBUS that will be connected back to the one 5500NAC. Lighting control will be provided on a wall mounted android tablet (one in each apartment).

    We have also been asked to provide control of the Fujitsu A/C Systems in each apartment to be displayed on the android tablets through the 5500NAC using BACnet.
    The HVAC contractors are installing a Fujitsu BACnet gateway (model: UTY-VBGX) for us to connect to for communication.

    So far i have not been able to confirm 100% (after much internet trawling) if what we are trying to do can be achieved with the current setup.

    I keep reading in the manuals/literature for the NAC that it can only run as a BACnet server (and not a client). Which makes me think that the NAC alone will not be able to send commands to the Fujitsu systems using BACnet and it can only recieve commands/requests from other BACnet clients. Once again though my understanding is limited and i may be wrong about what a BACnet server and client can do.

    Also alot of what I am reading is pointing to needing some kind of BMS controller and/or BACnet router hardware between the 5500NAC and the Fujitsu BACnet gateway to allow communication between the two systems.

    If anyone can help in explaining exactly what the NAC is capable of doing in regards to BACnet and if I am on the right track or on the the wrong track missing a big piece of the puzzle?

    Lliam, Sep 15, 2020
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