Master switch for PIR sensors

Discussion in 'C-Bus Wired Hardware' started by Andrew1993, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Andrew1993


    Nov 30, 2019
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    Is there a way to program a master switch for PIR Sensors through learn mode (don’t have access to toolkit).

    We like the PIR system throughout the house but would like to have the option to turn the PIR off (for example if the dogs are sleeping in the laundry the light turns on every time they move or on a windy night when the outdoor sensors pick up tress etc).

    Is there away for the sensor to only work if a certain switch is on, and if the switch is off the sensor doesn’t activate (through learn mode).

    Andrew1993, Nov 30, 2019
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  2. Andrew1993


    Aug 3, 2004
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    No you cannot achieve this in learn mode.
    However if you have someform of interface to connect to C-Bus installed in your home then download toolkit which is free.
    Alternatively and probably the most sensible suggestion is to get your installer back to change the setting, as it should be really quick to do hence not expensive.
    Wonkey, Nov 30, 2019
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  3. Andrew1993


    Dec 17, 2017
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    Perth, WA
    Hi, I just came on here as I've got the exact same question, haven't jumped on toolkit yet just though id have a look through the forum first. I just put a sensor outside the garage, I've got scene's on the edlt that turn on a few groups of outdoor lights, including the 2 wall lights on the garage, the sensor I've programmed to do these 2 wall lights. Now I've noticed if I turn the scene on, the wall lights come on, but if the sensor is activated the wall lights will then turn off after the time expires I've programmed for the sensor. How do I go about making the scene over-ride whatever the sensor is telling the network if I've got that scene on. Plus exact same situation with the laundry, have a sensor in there, but will put a switch on the wall at some point so I can (somehow) do a master off for the sensor for when we have the dogs in there.

    Nath1304, Dec 19, 2019
  4. Andrew1993


    Dec 1, 2005
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    Adelaide, Australia
    You have a couple of options (both require toolkit):
    1/ Create a sensor disable group and add it to your scene, so when the scene is set the sensor will be disabled. You will then need to re-enable it in another scene.
    2/ (Best!) Assuming you are using a cbus output unit with logic, set up another ga just for the sensor and put it on a logic channel and select MAX (dimmer) or OR (relay) as the function. Then the light will be on if either the scene or the sensor sets it.
    Ashley, Dec 19, 2019
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