June 2012 Synchronised Software Release

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    The team at Clipsal by Schneider Electric are proud to announce a synchronised software release.

    The following applications have received significant updates:

    - C-Bus Toolkit 1.12.0 and C-Gate 2.9.0 (forum post)
    - OPC Server 1.4.0 (forum post)
    - PICED, Schedule Plus and Homegate 4.11 (forum post)
    - Ripple 1.1 (forum post)

    In addition, new versions of MARPA, CIRCA and TICA are available for compatibility with the new C-Gate.

    All applications can be downloaded from the CIS Downloads website.

    Given the internal codename of "Humpback", this release has been two years in the making and we hope you enjoy some of the new features it brings.

    A very, very big thank you to all our team members, customers, field trial participants and employees past and present for your crucial contributions!
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    daniel, Jun 7, 2012
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