Inception Alarm bi-direction integration to CNI

Discussion in 'C-Bus Automation Controllers' started by Kaz, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. Kaz


    Sep 9, 2020
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    Hi all,

    I hope you can help me troubleshoot the issue I'm having - I'm not able to receive messages via the CNI of commands occurring in the C-BUS to the inception alarm panel.

    I can send a message from the inception alarm panel to C-BUS:


    In the logs of the alarm system, I can see the message being sent to the CNI and also the same message is received.

    But when I trigger group 28 (or any group) from the C-BUS directly I don't receive any messages from the C-BUS via the CNI to the alarm panel.

    Using CBus diagnostic tool I can see there are messages coming via the CNI so either it's a configuration thing of the CNI not covered in the alarm panel documentation or the alarm panel doesn't support incoming messages even though it says it does.


    Has anyone done this before?
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    Kaz, Sep 9, 2020
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