Home Assistant Supervised edition + required software using Docker on one linux PC

Discussion in 'Third-Party Solutions' started by bn1980, Apr 13, 2022.

  1. bn1980


    Apr 11, 2022
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    I am running Home Assistant Supervised edition on a spare mini PC.

    I can create custom docker containers on the same PC and would like to get all the applications I need to have Home Assistant control my Cbus lighting and sprinkler system on one single linux machine using docker containers.

    I have added the MQTT Add-on through the Home Assistant Add-on Manager but not yet configured anything.

    I have successfully setup a CGate server instance in a docker container and also not configured anything yet.

    I understand my next step is to setup CGateWeb as a docker container.

    I also do not have any CBus Project file.

    What would be my best next step after the CGateWeb docker is up?
    bn1980, Apr 13, 2022
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