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Discussion in 'C-Bus Automation Controllers' started by mick, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. mick


    Mar 20, 2021
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    Hi all,
    I feel like I'm missing something simple here
    I'm trying to emulate an away mode ( simple button press on the ipad when the client goes away it would trigger it ) this would then trigger a few schedules that turn on and off different groups of lights at scheduled times while the client is away.
    does anyone know if its possible to enable/disable schedules or scenes in the shac via a button press. I could then use this button to enable a schedule ( or multiple schedules would be preferred ) which would then turn lights on and off.
    when the away button is turned off then none of the schedules would be enabled.
    without scripting ( which I'm not familiar with ) is there a simple process to do this
    i know with things like pir's there are enable group addresses so would think something similar would work to enable the schedules
    would appreciate any help with this
    mick, Mar 20, 2021
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