Easy HVAC Control using SHAC/NAC - Smarttemp

Discussion in 'C-Bus Automation Controllers' started by saintjerome, Dec 8, 2020.

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    I have been meaning to post this information for a while now.

    The guys at Smarttemp released a WIFI HVAC Controller called the SMT-400 Enterprise Wi-Fi Thermostat - Smart Temp which can control 24V, Modbus and a stack of commercial HVAC units (basically anything non-proprietary).

    I wrote a library for SHAC/NAC which allows very simple integration to read all data (inc humidity) from the controllers and change setpoints, fan speeds, modes, etc.

    We have now integrated this using NAC into a bunch of buildings, and added extra temp sensors (modbus), as well as weather inputs, to create a fully automated system with 10 large rooftop PAC Units - this allows us to ensure all units in an open space are in the same mode (all cooling, or all heating) and provide a dashboard to users showing exactly what all systems are doing.

    The SHAC/NAC connect via the smarttemp API to the cloud service which connects all controllers. The phone app can view the status of all controllers without SHAC/NAC, however you can obviously manage all scheduling using the SHAC/NAC capabilities which are far more powerful.

    If you talk to the Smarttemp crew, these WIFI controllers are very economical to trade users.

    Let me know if anyone wants further details.
    saintjerome, Dec 8, 2020
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