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    Clipsal Technical Help Desk have requested the following announcement:


    Dear Customer,

    Clipsal Integrated Systems appreciates your feedback and the need to provide efficient customer service.

    Throughout the past several weeks we have been working hard to assess, develop and refine processes to improve our customer satisfaction and service levels.

    Consequently, we are proud to announce that we have implemented a new customer service system to effectively register, track and report on technical issues that are reported into the Clipsal Integrated Systems Technical Help Desk.

    The release of this new service is planned for the 14th of July 2008.

    We ask that all members of the organisation that deal with Clipsal Integrated Systems refer to the following link to provide current contact details.

    This will ensure that as we continue to develop this platform, we will have the relevant details when you may call the Technical Help Desk.

    We thank you for your time in completing this information and look forward to supporting you in the future.
    admin_vb, Jul 14, 2008
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