C-Bus OPC Server Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discussion in 'C-Bus OPC Server Software' started by Richo, May 26, 2008.

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    Is there a seperate download for the licensed and demonstration versions of the C-Bus OPC Server?
    No, when there is no license installed the C-Bus OPC Server runs in demonstration mode. Demonstration mode means the C-Bus OPC Server will only communicate to C-Bus for about 1~2 hours and then will need to be restarted to begin communicating again.

    How is the C-Bus OPC Server licensed?
    The C-Bus OPC Server is licensed by the number of Networks contained in the C-Gate project it is using. Licenses are available for 2, 10 and unlimited networks. You need the correct license for all networks in the project and not just those being used by the C-Bus OPC Server.

    What can the C-Bus OPC Server do on C-Bus?
    The C-Bus OPC Server can read and write any C-Bus Lighting Group's value. This works for all Lighting and Lighting Like applications. (Lighting Like applications include Trigger Control and Enable Control Applications.)

    Can the C-Bus OPC Server connect to C-Gate on another PC?
    Yes, the C-Bus OPC Server can only connect to one instance of C-Gate, but that can be on any PC on the network.

    Is my OPC Client application supported?
    In most cases the answer is yes. A vast majority of OPC Clients on the market are Data Access V2.05a clients. These are fully supported by the C-Bus OPC Server. The C-Bus OPC Server also supports Data Acess version 1 and 3 clients as well. OPC specifications other than Data Access are currently not supported. Please let your local Clipsal Representative know if you need support for other OPC specifications.

    Support for other OPC specifications is available using thrid-party bridging software. For example support for the OPC XML-DA or Universal DA specifications is available as a bridge from several vendors. (example Google search).

    I have an Brand X OPC Server I need to connect to the C-Bus OPC Server, is this possible?
    This is possible by using third party bridging software.(example google search).

    Can C-Bus OPC Server work across a network?
    Yes, OPC is designed to work on a network using Microsofts DCOM technology. Instructions on how to configure a simple example of this is included in the C-Bus OPC Server documentation. For more complex examples there is plenty of documentation, books, training and consulting available on the Internet. Clipsals Technical Support may be able to help as well.

    To simplify networking in complex environments (Domains, WAN's, etc.) third party tunneling sofware, especially designed for OPC, makes networking simple.(example Google search).
    Richo, May 26, 2008
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