C-Bus OPC Server 1.4.0 Released

Discussion in 'C-Bus OPC Server Software' started by Goran C, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Jun 7, 2012
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    The C-Bus OPC Server 1.4.0 has been released.
    Schneider Electric has released this new version to provide C-Bus Error Reporting messages through the OPC Alarm and Event protocol, particularly to monitor DALI lighting ballast failures. This version should only be used on computers that have C-Bus Toolkit 1.12 installed. Customers should ensure that they use this version and update any installed software to this version when possible.

    • OPC Alarm and Event now supported to provide information from the C-Bus Error Reporting Application.
    • There is now an automatic restart option in the Monitoring Application.
    • Startup performance has been improved.
    • It is now possible to determine the number of units in each network (if any) that are having problems.
    • The compatibility problems when running C-Bus OPC Server and C-Bus Toolkit at the same time have now been fixed.
    • Group levels are now reliably determined from bridged networks at startup.
    Known Issues
    • None.

    About C-Bus OPC Server
    The C-Bus OPC Server provides a gateway between C-Bus and the OPC (Data Access, Alarm and Event) protocols. OPC is a broadly supported communications standard supported by many Building Management Systems and a large selection of general automation applications.

    OPC Clients can be used to provide a User Interface to C-Bus as well as sophisticated alarms, event management, data logging and trending.

    OPC Servers can also be linked together using third party tools to bridge C-Bus to hundreds of other protocols like Modbus and BACnet as well as most PLCs.

    The C-Bus OPC Server is specifically designed for high availability in large commercial installations, but is equally suited for small projects where specific requirements are not met by existing C-Bus products.
    Goran C, Jun 7, 2012
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