C-Bus OPC Server 1.3.1 Released

Discussion in 'C-Bus OPC Server Software' started by DarrenH, Jun 21, 2010.

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    The C-Bus OPC Server 1.3.1 has been released.

    Clipsal has released this update to address some customer issues. This version should only be used on computers that have Toolkit 1.11.0 or 1.11.1 installed. Customers should ensure that they use this version and update any installed software to this version when possible.

    • Synchronous OPC writes now always complete, including when networks are in error state.
    • For licensing based on network count, networks disabled in the Monitoring Application no longer contribute to the point count.
    • During OPC Server start up, progress information is now displayed in the Monitoring Application.

    Known Issue
    • If another C-Gate client forces reloading of the project in use by C-Bus OPC Server, then the Server will stop working properly. Workaround: Avoid working with projects while the C-Bus OPC Server is operational.

    About C-Bus OPC Server
    The C-Bus OPC Server provides a gateway between C-Bus and the OPC Data Access protocols. OPC is a broadly supported communications standard supported by many Building Management Systems and a large selection of general automation applications.

    OPC Clients can be used to provide a User Interface to C-Bus (such as HomeGate) as well as sophisticated alarms, event management, data logging and trending.

    OPC Servers can also be linked together using third party tools to bridge C-Bus to hundreds of other protocols like modbus and bacnet as well as most PLC's.

    The C-Bus OPC Server is specifically designed for high availability in large commercial installations, but is equally suited for small projects where specific requirements are not met by existing C-Bus products.
    DarrenH, Jun 21, 2010
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