C-Bus Electrician needed on the Gold Coast

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ozaydina, Jan 23, 2024.

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    Jan 23, 2024
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    Surfers Paradise
    I have just experienced flickering of all 8 of my wall switches (see picture below) and can't turn the lights on or off via these switches anymore because they are unresponsive. However, I can switch on/off from the C-Bus panels, located within a cupboard and that's very inconvenient to say the least. The system controls lights and is about 15 years old and some of wall switches have already browned out (can't read the lettering). Some of C-Bus panel lights within the cupboard (left top and bottom) are also flashing. Can anyone diagnose this issue first and post the list of C-Bus technicians, working on the Gold Coast please? My email address: [email protected] Many thanks in advance.

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    ozaydina, Jan 23, 2024
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