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Old 12 Aug 17, 10:00 PM
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A photo would help heaps in trying to come up with a solution.

If you can use a simple contact to detect the flag or change over you don't need a certified device (no IECEx or AusEx certificate) but in every case you WILL require a barrier (either a Zener of isolated transformer) which does need a certificate. (this is an Exi - Intrinsically safe install)

An explosion proof switch would also work (also needs to be certified). This would be an Exd install

Other methods also exist such as encapsulation, specials and other.

Understanding the gas class and zoning and method of protection is not a simple task.

AS3000 calls the hazardous area standards so they are law as well - but just like any electrical install you can take any shortcut you like at your own risk. (I don't advocate doing this unsafely)

Hope that helps understanding of some of what is involved in doing this simple task.

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Old 20 Aug 17, 06:51 PM
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I like the Temp sensor idea.
In terms of compliance, C-Bus voltage would be ELV, is it SELV?
If the Bus coupler was outside the exclusion zone, then only the Temp sensor probes are inside the "gas" zone. The sensors have a 2m tail on them, not sure of the voltage, but AFAIK these are only a few volts.
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