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Old 30 Jul 17, 04:17 PM
paul.parisi paul.parisi is offline
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Hi Andrew
I have an interest in this too.
I've been busy with amazon echo integration however am also starting to take an interest in the google home device.
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Old 03 Aug 17, 01:33 AM
rafiqaust rafiqaust is offline
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Default Google home

Originally Posted by andrew12 View Post
I have put together a POC of using google assistant to control c-bus loads.

I say to the assistant on my phone "Turn On/Off the **** light"

It uses IFTTT, busybox http and a cgi written in C.

I find it works well for how cobbled together it is. Takes about 5 seconds after speaking the command till the load is switched.

It is not nearly as polished as homebridge-cbus

Does anyone have an interest in this ? If so I will do a write up and publish the code. Got to warn in advance though that my code could be messy.

Hi Andrew ur code is ready I am interested how good google home comapare to others thanks. Let us know when ur code ready.Thanks
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Old 09 Aug 17, 11:39 AM
infin8 infin8 is offline
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Default Google Home and Cbus

I would like to give this a bit of encouragement too.

Not that I have one, but I am sure in the not too distant future a customer will ask the question.
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