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Old 26 Sep 17, 05:07 PM
pdirect pdirect is offline
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Default Guidance needed


I am looking for help in programming schedules. This is my first time using PICED and im having trouble with scheduling. I have done basic setups before with standard operation of lighting via sensors and DLT switches and I have basic knowledge of cbus operation but this is something I have never done and am struggling to get my head around.

Basically I have 3 sensors in a corridor of a building that I would like to brighten 1 channel of an analogue 0-10v output from 30% to 100% from 6am-9pm for 10 minutes then dim back to 30% and have 1 relay channel constantly on during that time. From 9pm-6am the relay channel needs to switch off and the 3 sensors then need to operate the dimmer channel from 30% to 70% for 5 minutes. This is to be repeated every day.

How can I set up a schedule to link to the 3 sensors telling them to operate this way during certain times? Do I need to incorporate scenes into the schedule? I have a 5500paca included in the set up.

If someone could point me in the right direction or if there is a tutorial of some sort that I can't find I would appreciate any and all help..
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Old 29 Sep 17, 10:23 PM
Ashley Ashley is offline
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Cbus sensors have a fixed time interval, so if you want a variable time you will have to use logic in the pac.

Ignoring that problem for now though, the easiest way is to get the sensors to set the levle to 100% all the time, then use logic in the output unit to limit it to 70% when required. Create a new ga called say light_level and put it in the logic section and set the logic function to MIN.

You will need 2 schedules and 2 scenes. The first scene turns on the relay and also sets ga light_level to 100%. The second scene turns off the relay and set light_level to 70%. Schedule 1 sets scene 1 at 6am. Schedule 2 sets scene 2 at 9pm. In the sensor, set short release and long release to recall 1 and set recall 1 to 30%.

The sensors will set the output to 100%, but the logic will limits it to the value of light_level. When the sensor times out, the level will be set to 30%.

If you really need different times you will have to create a new ga for the sensor called say sensor_trigger. Set the timeout to say 10 seconds.

In logic you will need something like
ONCE sensor_trigger = 100% then
if (time > "6:00:00") and (time < "21:00:00") then
PulseCbusLevel(net, app, group, 100%, 0, 600, 30%)
PulseCbusLevel(net, app, group, 70%, 0, 300, 30%);

In this case you don't need the logic in the output unit.
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