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Old 14 Aug 17, 04:05 PM
brodricj brodricj is offline
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Default Pronto HEX to XML

There is not much traffic in this part of the forum, just when I needed to rely on it for assistance. So I've started my own topic.

I bought a 5034NIRT Infrared transmitter many years ago and installed it on my CBUS but never got around to configuring it. Now I'm to understand this is a discontinued product?

Anyway. I want to configure the CBUS IR transmitter to do something. What I have in mind is to control the active video source in my video switcher, via a DLT. e.g.. The DLT buttons will be labelled "TV", "movie" etc. Press "TV" and CBUS will send the correct IR code for "input 1" from the 5034NIRT to the video switcher.

I'm aware the easy way to do this is via the 5100RP IR code learning unit, but I'm not going to spend $1500+ on hardware just to get 5 IR codes into my CBUS project (unless of course a kind-hearted CBUS installer in Perth will lend me theirs??).

I understand that the only way to get the IR codes into my 5034NIRT is via the 5100HSCU. I don't mind spending $150 on one of those if I can somehow get the IR codes in XML to dump into the IR transmitter.

I basically have 3 starting points with the control codes:
A. I have the IR remote control for the video switcher;
B. I have the (well documented) IR control protocol for the video switcher, and the binary and hex codes for its various functions.
C. I also have the Pronto CCF for the video switcher.

Option A just needs the IR reader, which I don't have.
Options B and C require a conversion process to get them into XML which the CBUS IR transmitter understands.

I put this out to the forum hoping somebody can help me get a DLT to control the active input of my video switcher.

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Old 11 Sep 17, 10:13 AM
jasonson jasonson is offline
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maybe this?

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Old 18 Sep 17, 08:57 AM
Phil Summers Phil Summers is offline
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Default Does this help?


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