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Old 01 Aug 17, 10:16 PM
garysaid garysaid is offline
New Member
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Location: Melbourne
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Question Colour C-Touch Screen Integration with Ness M1 Security

I have recently commissioned a C-Bus Lighting control system and Ness M1 security system at my home.

The Ness M1 security system has a C-Bus card to interface with C-Bus lighting control. I am able to turn lighting groups on and off through the Ness M1 system proving I have communication from the Ness M1 system to C-bus.

I have downloaded and installed the security template through Piced on my Colour Touch Screen however there seems to be no communication from my Touch Screen to the Security System.

I must be missing a vital step and request if anyone could offer advice how to set up the two systems so that the keypad on the touch screen works?
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Old 01 Aug 17, 11:53 PM
Ashley Ashley is offline
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Location: Adelaide, Australia
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The Ness M1 Cbus card implements the Cbus security protocol poorly. If you search the forums you will find much discussion, some very recent. Ness is aware of the issues but shows no interest in resolving them.

The PICED security templates are in the main incompatible with the M1. I never managed to get enough functionality to work to make a touch screen interface usable. The virtual key press functions do work so with some effort you could probably use those to get a workable system.

To interface to the M1, I make a TCP connection to its ethernet interface directly and use it's serial protocol commands. You can find examples in the logic section of the forum.

Sorry I can't be more positive, but many of us have been through this
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Old 05 Aug 17, 11:05 AM
garysaid garysaid is offline
New Member
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: Melbourne
Posts: 2

Really disappointing but thank you for the reply
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