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Old 21 Oct 16, 07:43 PM
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Default 2 quick clarifications on Replies format

I am trying to finalise a comprehensive "Reply analysis" loop for messages coming from the Serial Interface. I have 2 questions that I can't find the definitive answer in the User Guide or this forum:
1) Is the "!" character always followed by <cr><lf> or could it be sent on its own?
2) Are Confirmations only sent if they have been asked for by the same serial interface (and therefore will never show up if one never asks for one) or could there be other Confirmations popping up for some obscure reason?

Basically I want to keep my loop simple and based on a "readline" type of command rather than reading the replies byte by byte. Answers to those 2 questions should settle the case.

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Old 21 Oct 16, 09:11 PM
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From memory;

1 Yes. Or to be more specific it's the same as any other message sent from the PCI.

2 The confirmation is sent in response to a request for one, as part of the outbound message. i.e. If you append the character g-z then a confirmation message will be returned, if you don't then it won't.

BTW the ! Means the message was not received correctly, possibly because of a checksum error or an overflow, so you should consider the message lost.



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Old 22 Oct 16, 12:24 AM
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Thanks Rohan, appreciated.
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